Businesses in the digital era will be using computer networks to store all sorts of information, from employee credentials, company data, and private and confidential client data.

One thing for certain is that backup is non-negotiable. There are many scenarios where data can be lost, from disasters to human error and cyberattacks. If you were to lose any of this data and information, this could damage your company, reputation, and credibility.

Luckily, there are backup solutions which can solve this problem. But which solution is the right fit for your business?

What backup solution is right for you?

1. On-premises

On-premises backup solutions are those that create a copy of data and save it to an in-house storage device such as network-attached storage (NAS), storage servers, and tape or disk backups. These are generally located physically within a business’ premises.


Having your data stored physically enables more control over your data. This also means you can store and retrieve data without having to jump through hoops; it’s your data, so you have total control. This data can be stored for as long as you deem necessary.


However, there is always a price which comes with managing your backups. All hardware costs are your responsibility, along with being in physical control of the media on which your data is stored. Wherever you choose to store your data, be it offsite or not, your access is limited, so when you need immediate access to specific information, this will not be a streamlined process.

When using an on-premises solution, the management of this becomes your obligation, and you must maintain and monitor the device which stores your data. The software/hardware used can also succumb to backup failures and other faulty errors, especially if they become out of date. Managing this data can become a costly and tiresome task.

2. The Cloud

Unlike on-premises backup solutions, the cloud refers to a collection of servers – usually managed by the cloud backup vendor and in an off-site location – and accessed through an internet connection by the end-user.


The advantages of cloud backup are game-changing. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about struggling to access your data; you can access any information you need at any time with just a click of a button – all you need is a stable internet connection. Your data is continuously backed up with the cloud, so no matter what crisis occurs, you can rest easy knowing your data won’t disappear. Your information is not purely backed up to one singular location either; with backups upon backups in the cloud, it is virtually impossible to lose your data.

Cloud systems used for backup will usually be fully automated, which means that human error is redundant, and maintenance is handled all by itself. Cloud backup is priced based on a fixed monthly fee, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected costs. Plus, storage in the cloud is virtually unlimited, so running out of space will never be an issue.


However, certain disadvantages can come with the cloud. To access any of your data, you need an internet connection, period. Also, your data is not physically accessible which can sometimes feel like a lack of control. Because it is out of reach it can come with security risks if not looked after properly. Therefore, businesses must have strong cyber security software, support and work with a reputable partner.

What Britannia IT recommended

The cloud is the clear winner when it comes to backup solutions. Not only is it cheaper, and more flexible but it’s also scalable to meet your business demands. Plus, in the event of a crisis, whether it be a natural disaster or system failure, your data is safe from any damage.

Britannia IT partner with Acronis who provide market-leading cloud backup solutions with robust cyber protection, so you won’t have to worry about cyber criminals attacking your network. With Acronis, you get all the advantages of cloud backup and none of the disadvantages.

While on-premise backup solutions can offer certain advantages, with the digital era in full swing, cloud-based solutions are the only best way to stay modern and efficient, and cloud backup is a good place to start.

Why not talk to our experts at Britannia IT and find out how cloud backup can help your business and keep you secure for the future.


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