When the client raises a support incident with Britannia, or when Britannia detects an issue with the client’s equipment, Britannia will respond in a timely fashion. In all cases, Britannia will make its best efforts to resolve problems quickly, with respect to the impact on The Client’s business.

The times in the table below are how long Britannia takes to reach the three milestones of any support incident.

First ResponseResolution PlanResolution
Critical15 minutes1 hour4 hours
Standard1 hour4 hours2 days
Enhancement2 hours2 days5 days


Critical – loss of service issue affecting majority of users example: server down, internet down, phones down, network down, key application down.

Standard – less serious issue affecting fewer users or a single user example: PC down, backup malfunction, application down, degraded performance, printing issues

Enhancement – user guidance, change requests example: setup new user, configure new printer, set up Out of Office, change WiFi access

First Response – a member of Britannia’ team has begun working on the incident.
Resolution Plan – a plan of how to resume service has been established.
Resolution – action taken to resolve the incident. Systems operational.