Most people seem to be aware that backing up your data in the cloud is a good idea… but why is it such a popular solution? Well, backing up your data effectively just means that you are providing yourself with a data safety-net should anything go wrong. If implemented well and organised thoroughly, cloud backup can be one of the most invaluable solutions in your business.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup (or online backup) is a popular method of storing data in off-site locations, rather than in on-premise filing systems or hard drives. The data is copied and sent to a secure online location through the public or private cloud. When stored in the cloud, this data can then be accessed from any number of devices by users with secure access management rolled out across all remote accounts.

Here’s why cloud backup is worth your time and investment:

What are the benefits of cloud backup?

1. Flexibility

Your cloud solutions can be scaled up or down, depending on the volume of data you have that month. As your business evolves, the cloud will grow with you and continue to store all new data securely.

2. Cost-effective

Cloud back up is a service that can be relied upon. This means that no matter what happens, you won’t have to pay out thousands of pounds to restore lost data – it’s all there, all the time. As well as this, Britannia IT cloud services are provided on a month-by-month fixed payment plan which enables simpler budgeting and predictable monthly costs.

3. Data security

Britannia IT partner with Acronis to provide proactive ransomware protection for our clients. No matter where your data is stored, we can implement robust cybersecurity measures to ensure that it is as secure as possible.

4. Unlimited Access

Access your data anytime, anywhere. The level of access the cloud offers is ideal for remote workforces, or just for employees who need to work on the go. Gain secure on-demand access to files, emails and shared projects regardless of which device you’re on or where your geographical location is.

5. Help from the experts

Britannia IT manage, monitor and maintain your cloud storage for you. We will liaise with third-party providers on your behalf and will continually update your systems for you. This means less monotonous admin work for your team and more time for you to do what’s important.

Why is it important to backup data?

Many SMEs think that comprehensive cloud backup isn’t worth it. This is a big mistake. The truth is that every company, regardless of size, is at risk of potential data loss. Many organisations are not aware that some providers don’t always back your data up automatically in the cloud.

Microsoft only backup the data of their users for 30 days before it is permanently deleted.

It’s also crucial to consider forming a Disaster Recovery Plan to find out how quickly your business can recover from a crisis, and what cloud resources would be required should a disaster come your way.

Whether you need to protect your data from cybersecurity threats, natural disasters or simple accidents – cloud backup is the key to keeping your business safe.

Discover all that cloud backup can do for your business


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