It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent, in-fact a recent report by Hiscox Insurance estimates that small business’s in the UK are targeted with 65,000 attempted cyber attacks every day.

Whats worse is that 1 in 3 small businesses last year reported that they suffered some form of Cyber Attack, equivalent to 4500 breaches per day or 1 every 19 seconds. With the average small business reporting that a breach cost them £25,700 once they account for ransoms paid, hardware replaced and loss of productivity during the attacks and however future loss of revenue due to lost customers, or loss of reputation resulting in difficulty attracting new business is likely to well exceed this.

As technical director of Britannia, it’s my role to provide all of our clients, both new and existing with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and a full range of IT and Security products and services to ensure their organisations.

Prevent. Detect. Mitigate

There are many things an organisation can do to prevent a cyber attack on their systems, the first being ensuring all their staff who have access to any IT service are aware and trained on Cyber Threats and how they might show themselves.

We offer a range of services and solutions that allow us to detect and help to thwart off any cyber attacks. Our strategic partnerships with company such as Watchguard enable us to offer our clients a range of UTM products to protect all data both coming into and going out of the organisations on site infrastructure, coupled with our RMM tool that we deploy across all our clients sites to ensure we’re aware of all events happening across the network and we can detect issues and mitigate them before they cause a productivity issue within the organisation.

Mitigation is by far the hardest of the three steps to plan for, mitigation for us involves coming up with plans of action for almost every incident that could occur, these plans outline exactly what needs to be done and who needs to be contacted and who needs to be on site along with estimated times for all involved. All plans are reviewed regularly and added to as new threats are detected, and all clients are advised to take out cyber attack insurance policies.

If you feel your organisation could be doing more towards to being protected against cyber attacks, wether you have a full plan in place, or you have started one or you don’t have anything in place at all, we would love to sit down over a coffee to demonstrate how we can help make you Cyber Secure. – If you feel that this is something that could help, call Britannia IT on 01704 320640 or email me direct.