Whilst its not breaking news or publicised on the mainstream news outlets, 2020 is the year BT stops taking orders for the ISDN network. This means if you have whats considered a traditional phone system, and need to add additional lines to it, the answer in short is going to be its not possible.

BT are shutting off their ISDN services in to an aim to push all of its exisiting customers on the ISDN network to VOIP which makes copper cables and line rental redundant.

Already 40% of the UK has already recoginised that the jump to VOIP has many beneifits, firstly its newer technology meaning its more progressive and features are being added constantly.

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of companies and organisations in the UK who rely upon ISDN for your telecoms, and are worried about the affect of the switch off, then talk to Britannia today. We offer a wide range of cost affective and feature rich VOIP services – Which could increase productivity and communication in your business as well as reducing your monthly costs.