Under the General Data Protection Regulartion (GDPR), businesses must ensure an ongoing focus on employee training, and awareness to reduce the risk of a data breach. A lack of security and complaince can leave to hefty fines, damage to your reputation and huge financial loss.

Ensuring you train your staff on how to securely handle data, and what to do in the event of a breach can be difficult. Here are five key tips to help you.

Data protection should be the number 1 concern

Before GDPR ‘privacy by design’ was a included in the data protection policies, however since GDPR is changed its name to ‘Data Protection by Design’ and is now part of the law.

The ICO states that data protection by design is about considering data and privacy issues upfront in everything your organisation does. By adopting this method into your business or organisations culture, it allows you to better comply with GDPR’s fundamental principles and requirements, and forms a focus on accountablility.

Human errors account for 64% of data breaches

Increasing awareness and providing GDPR training to your employees is something all businesses should continually offer. A high percentage of breaches occur as a result of an employee error, which is almost always down to a lack of training.

The Cyber Security Breaches survery 2019, which was complied by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, revealed that theres a sever lack of organisations putting in extra measures in place to ensure GDPR compliance and therefore at a higher risk of having a breach.

Host your data in UK based data centres

In order to know where your data is stored, its important to know 100% where it is located, wether its located on your own on premise severs, hosted in a data centre somewhere, or located on a platform like Office 365.

If you’re unsure of where your data is located, you could be a risk. Speak to Britannia IT for a internal audit of all your GDPR needs to see where you can be improving

Ongoing training is a must

One of the main requirements of GDPR that training is embedded into everyday life of each and every employee. Each member of staff should have a understanding of the regulation, its requirement, and their role in protecting data.

Training is required so that employees and management, always have the GDPR at the forefront of their minds when making decisions about customer data.

General training isn’t enough to keep your business compliant, its important to introduce and reinforce departmental specific training and policies. Various departments may require a higher level of training depentant on their exposure to client and sensitive data.

It’s not only training that is key to keeping your organisation on track to staying compliant, having secure, up to date IT systems and procedures to ensure your data is well protected from hackers and attacks is important too, Britannia IT focuses on ensuring all our clients have fully managed IT and Cyber Security, putting you in the best possible position to avoid any GDPR breaches. – Want to learn more? Call our team on 01704 320640 and lets arrange a coffee to see how Britannia IT can help.