Every business needs backup solutions to protect critical data that could be lost in a flood, fire, cyber-attack, hardware failure or any number of IT disasters. But how do you decide on the right one for your business?

Choosing the right cloud backup solution for your business is vital. If you don’t do your research correctly, you could end up paying for more than you need, or not having enough backup to keep your data safe. But don’t worry, we’ve outlined a few key tips for you.

Before you get started, it’s useful to assess what you need from your backup solution. Who needs access to it? What needs backing up?

When you’ve decided on this core information, you can start looking at the different options out there.

Here’s our top tips for ensuring you choose the right cloud backup solution for your business.

cloud backup

Questions to ask when choosing a cloud backup solution

1. Is it easy to use? 

Backup solutions do not have to be difficult to understand and manage. Look for something easy to set up, run and monitor with user-friendly personalised dashboards. As well as this, ensure that it is fit for purpose – there’s no point paying for storage you don’t use, or being stuck with a solution that can’t deliver what you need

2. Is it efficient? 

Automation is the key to efficiency when it comes to technology – backup included. Implementing automated processes will mean that you can effectively set up your backup and not worry about it again, trusting that your data is safe.

3. Reliability  

Backup needs to be something you can count on. If the software isn’t reliable, your business could be at risk if something went wrong. Look for tried and tested products, not just the cheapest option. If in doubt, take a look at this simple & easy backup comparison.

4. Will my data be secure? 

No matter where your data is stored, it needs to be secure. Consider all security threats such as theft, cyber-attacks or natural disasters and implement the necessary security measures to keep it safe in any circumstance.

5. Will it grow as my business grows? 

Like most cloud backup solutions, having a versatile backup system allows your business to have increased flexibility. This means that when your workforce suddenly needs to work at home, the backup system has the breadth to connect with remote workers. Or, as your business needs evolve, your backup can grow with you and not hold you back.

The golden rule  

Britannia IT partners with Acronis to provide high-quality backup to our clients. Acronis are leading industry experts… and they have a golden rule for backup that’s worth noting.

Whether you choose 100% cloud backup or partial on-premises backup, you should always follow the ‘3-2-1’ rule.

cloud backup

This rule will essentially double the effectiveness of your data protection in the event of any unforeseen challenges. It is crucial to implement this rule quickly so that your timeline to secure data protection is minimal. For example, if you only create three copies of your documents one month, and then take six months to complete the other backup processes – if something goes wrong in that time, a lot of data would go missing.

Your business needs backup, that’s for sure. It’s not worth the risk of losing valuable company data. But this also means that choosing the right solution for your specific business requirements is vital.

To make sure you get it right first time, chat to a Britannia IT cloud backup expert today.